We Survived Covid-19 and We’re Back to Updating Our Site!

(In Loving Memory of Furball Who Left Us In 2021)

Its been a long few years for all of us.

America was sideswiped by the pandemic, our lives changed overnight and suddenly our routines, our jobs, our vacations, and our holidays were either gone, dramatically changed, or indefinitely postponed. There was an election that left many deeply worried for the country, and a new war in the Ukraine that has brought with it even more questions about world stability.

Truly, everyone has been impacted and many have been significantly changed by the past few years.

We here at Silver City were no different, and unfortunately during that time of uncertainty we lost some of our ability to update this website, and more importantly […]

April 20th, 2022|

What Should We Treasure

The Notre Dame Cathedral fire reminds us that it isn’t shallow to believe there is value in material things.

This week the world has been stunned by the destruction of one of its most historic landmarks, the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. At first this wouldn’t seem like a jewelry related story, but in reality it’s a reminder that while losing a life is the greatest tragedy, the destruction of beautiful and meaningful works of art is also a mournful disaster. Losing these works is losing what these great past people spent their lives to build.

Sculptures, artwork, and jewelry are all material things and we are taught that material things are not what people should truly value. While it’s obvious that the […]

April 17th, 2019|

What Do You Want Under Your Christmas Tree?

We all have our Christmas lists finished and are anxiously awaiting Santa.

This Christmas Ashley wants some expensive stuff for the kitchen, James is looking into a new computer monitor, Matt is hoping for gift cards for his favorite stores, and John is asking for a new cover for the back of his truck. We are all tucked in to our holiday sweaters and awaiting the parade coming this Saturday.

Hopefully you are also excited the holidays are here. Whether you are asking for asking for fancy headphones, some nice clothes, or the newest model smartphone, we hope you get everything you ask for.

Of course, if you are looking for some sparkly new accessories to your jewelry box, we can also […]

December 5th, 2018|

Thankful for a calm September in Ocala

September babies are known to be active and dynamic!

Unfortunately that is the opposite of our updates lately. After a summer of doing a bad job coordinating our schedule with the release of Ocala Magazines, we are finally back with an update!

This time last year we were all dealing with the stress of a huge hurricane, and our hearts are with the large number of people who are affected by hurricane Florence right now. In these times it’s nice to remember that though nature can be savage and devastating, it can also be beautiful and nurturing.

This month’s featured piece is one of those natural works of beauty and wonder. A custom-made piece featuring a lab certified sapphire set in […]

September 18th, 2018|

June’s piece- a classic pearl ring

This June, we wanted to go classic.

And nothing is more classic then pearl. The birthstone for June, along with alexandrite, pearl is a soft organic stone that comes in all colors, but is mostly known for being white. Pearls have been appreciated for thousands of years, but for us they invoke images of glamour from the 1940’s and 1950’s, America’s good ole days and the timeless beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

This month’s featured piece is a yellow gold and pearl ring with diamond accents, a simply and classy look that should please any pearl fan. Click here to see its product page. Like all our featured pieces, it appears in our Ocala magazine ad for June and it is […]

June 20th, 2018|

May we show you a lovely emerald piece?

May is a great month for mothers and emerald lovers

And it seems that everyone we meet is an emerald lover! Emerald is one of the three most important colored gemstones classically (ruby and sapphire being the other two) and those who were born in May get the privilege of having it as their birthstone.

Of course, we love emerald too, and its no surprise that our most popular featured piece of 2017 was our emerald and yellow gold ring from May (which we still get inquiries and compliments on often from customers who saw it in our Ocala Magazine ad.) It was a daunting task to make another emerald piece that lived up to that standard. Did we succeed? You […]

May 7th, 2018|