We Size Rings

If you need a ring sized in Ocala, Silver City is the best place to get it done.

Sizing up

When we make a ring bigger, our jeweler cuts the shank (the bottom of the ring) and solders in a new piece of gold (or silver), then smooths and polishes it so that you virtually can’t tell it was ever worked on. The price for sizing up a ring starts at $30.00 and goes up, depending upon how large you need it.

Sizing down

When making a ring smaller, our jeweler carefully cuts out the piece of gold, solders the shank back together, adding the previously removed piece back into the shank to give it extra strength and thickness. Sizing rings down normally runs $24.00 no matter how many sizes you need to go down to.


In times where a rings shank is mostly destroyed or so thin or brittle it can no longer hold together, we can replace a rings shank with a new, thicker piece to give your ring decades more life.

We can normally have it done in one business day, Monday to Friday

Our team of expert Jewelers usually finish any ring sizing in approximately 24 hours from the time you dropped it off.

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