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What Should We Treasure

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The Notre Dame Cathedral fire reminds us that it isn’t shallow to believe there is value in material things.

This week the world has been stunned by the destruction of one of its most historic landmarks, the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral. At first this wouldn’t seem like a jewelry related story, but in reality it’s a reminder that while losing a life is the greatest tragedy, the destruction of beautiful and meaningful works of art is also a mournful disaster.┬áLosing these works is losing what these great past people spent their lives to build.

Sculptures, artwork, and jewelry are all material things and we are taught that material things are not what people should truly value. While it’s obvious that the people in our lives are most important, the material things that those people spend their lives building, creating, or cherishing is also of significant value. The amount of time spent by people on just one finished diamond, from mining it, to transporting it across the world, to cutting it, to grading it, to setting it, is incredible. That diamond is part of the legacy of those people and that has value and meaning.

Lives matter, but what also matters is what we spend our lives to create.

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