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We Survived Covid-19 and We’re Back to Updating Our Site!

April 20th, 2022|Categories: Photography, Product Release|

(In Loving Memory of Furball Who Left Us In 2021)

Its been a long few years for all of us.

America was sideswiped by the pandemic, our lives changed overnight and suddenly our routines, our jobs, our vacations, and our holidays were either gone, dramatically changed, or indefinitely postponed. There was an election that left many deeply worried for the country, and a new war in the Ukraine that has brought with it even more questions about world stability.

Truly, everyone has been impacted and many have been significantly changed by the past few years.

We here at Silver City were no different, and unfortunately during that time of uncertainty we lost some of our ability to update this website, and more importantly we lost the understanding of how to update this website without understand how our business, or any businesses, would move forward post pandemic.

As a cost of the crisis we indefinitely postponed our featured pieces, and have been unable to update our collection on this website, however, as things are finally pretty much back to normal us we are happy to announce that we will be finding new features, offerings, information, and specials to add to this website once again.

As always we thank you for visiting our website and reading our updates, and we hope you