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Why Jewelry is Fun!

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Written by our sales lady, Ashley Stone.


I love jewelry! Matching my jewelry with my day to day outfits is so fun! Adding that pop of color to a simpler outfit makes that statement I am going for. I also get enjoyment when I wear my diamond cross pendant with a simple, elegant white gold chain. Expressing my religion is very important to me and an important part to who I am as a person, therefore it brings me joy wearing those pieces of jewelry.

I love how jewelry is an expression of oneself and really has no right or wrong to it, because everyone is different and has different tastes. From the trends of layering multiple chains together, to stacking rings on the same finger, jewelry is meant to be a reflection of who you are! For instance, when i wear my pearl necklace with my white gold and diamond dangle pearl earrings it makes me feel sophisticated and classic! Others may say, “pearls are so out of style” but that is just another example of how jewelry unique to each individual. I am more of a subtle jewelry wearer because thats the kind of person I am, quiet and traditional. I do not care for large, gaudy cocktail rings, or large colored gemstone rings….and yet still love my diamonds and amethyst dangle earrings. Others love that big, loud style and it looks great on them…more power to ya! =)

Most importantly, Jewelry also often has a lot of sentimental attachment- more than likely many of our customers have seen me wear a yellow gold omega chain. I love that chain because it was given to me by a special family member, and jewelry is unique in that often its a gift that someone can keep their entire life if they take care of it. There aren’t many other things you can give a high schooler that they will still love when they are 40. I love my iPad and my iPhone, but in 5 years they will be completely obsolete and practically worthless. The jewelry I’ve been given will last me my whole lifetime, and then I hope to be able to pass them down!

I hope you enjoyed this lil article, I promise to write you guys something again soon!

Mother’s Day Coupon

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We are proud to unveil our Mother’s Day coupon. If you are like many of us at Silver City, then you have more then one woman whom you are shopping for this Mother’s Day. With this in mind, our newest coupon will give you a gift certificate for 10% of the total of any purchases over $100. This coupon is valid with other discounts, but the gift certificate must be used on a separate transaction.

Buy a piece for your wife and use the Gift Certificate toward a present for your mother, or you can give the Gift Certificate as a gift by itself. Our goal was to make it easier to shop for more then one person, if you choose to shop with us for Mother’s Day.

If you want to get this coupon and can’t find it, look in the top right of your page for the blue special offers button. As always you can call us with questions at 732-0185 or email us at

What is Platinum

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Platinum is a white metal that is similar in appearance to silver. Platinum is an alternative to white gold and silver for people who like jewelry made in a white metal. Platinum is the most expensive of the standard three precious metals, but also often considered the most prestigious.

Why choose Platinum for Jewelry?

For people who like all of their jewelry to be white metal, Platinum is a great choice. Platinum is naturally white, unlike white gold which will always be yellow-tinged. Platinum looks similar to silver, but doesn’t have the drawback of tarnishing. Platinum jewelry is typically harder to break and can be repaired by most jewelers. It is also extremely rare for a person to have allergies to platinum.

Is Platinum definitely better than white gold if I can afford it? (No!)

Platinum is typically considered to be more prestigious and is more expensive then gold because of its rarity. Platinum is not, however, a superior choice to white gold for making quality jewelry. Platinum has some properties that are better for jewelry and many that are worse. Platinum is also not perfectly white and has a color that some people will like better than white gold while others will not. Many, if not most, jewelers believe that white gold has more advantages to it then platinum for jewelry.

Will platinum jewelry last longer than white gold jewelry?

Because of the numerous properties of metals, it is easy to call one metal “stronger” then others if you only focus on one aspect of a metal’s strength. It is true though that platinum will handle some wear and tear better than gold does, and jewelry made of platinum typically is harder to break. White gold rings will sometimes use a platinum head to hold a diamond to add security because of platinum’s strength.

What are the drawbacks of platinum?

Platinum alloys used in jewelry are typically close to pure and the manufacturing process is more expensive. This makes platinum jewelry cost significantly more than gold, even if the market prices of platinum and gold are close to the same. Platinum is softer then gold and scratches more easily which makes it require polishing regularly. Platinum is also more labor intensive to work on and costs as much as double to repair. Platinum can also be a moderately dull grey color and is usually plated with a bright white metal when manufactured. After a few months when the plating wears off, some people can be disappointed with its color.

We Size Rings

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If you need a ring sized in Ocala, Silver City is the best place to get it done.

Sizing up

When we make a ring bigger, our jeweler cuts the shank (the bottom of the ring) and solders in a new piece of gold (or silver), then smooths and polishes it so that you virtually can’t tell it was ever worked on. The price for sizing up a ring starts at $30.00 and goes up, depending upon how large you need it.

Sizing down

When making a ring smaller, our jeweler carefully cuts out the piece of gold, solders the shank back together, adding the previously removed piece back into the shank to give it extra strength and thickness. Sizing rings down normally runs $24.00 no matter how many sizes you need to go down to.


In times where a rings shank is mostly destroyed or so thin or brittle it can no longer hold together, we can replace a rings shank with a new, thicker piece to give your ring decades more life.

We can normally have it done in one business day, Monday to Friday

Our team of expert Jewelers usually finish any ring sizing in approximately 24 hours from the time you dropped it off.

April’s birthstone is Diamond

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If you have a significant other with an April Birthday, we have hundreds of diamond pieces from earrings, to pendants, to rings. We love diamonds and she probably does too!

If you want to learn more about diamonds, you can browse our diamonds page by clicking the “diamonds” button at the top of your screen or you can call or come talk to our GIA diamonds graduates in person any time!

We Adjust Watch Bands

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Is your watch too big ?
Having trouble finding a place in Ocala to get your watch band sized or adjusted? At Silver City we can take links out of any watch, no matter what brand.

Invicta, Rolex, Fossil, Tag Heuer, Timex- We can adjust them all!

We also do it while you wait, for only $10.00.

There’s no need to deal with a watch that doesn’t fit right- Come visit us today!

25% off Coupon Extended for our Site Launch Celebration!

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After two weeks of sharing our website with you all in store and on the web, the feedback we’ve received has been so kind that we decided to give everyone one more week to use our 25% off coupon!

Its now valid until Saturday April 9th, so if you didn’t make it to us in time to save a few dollars off your repair, or to save a few hundreds of dollars off a piece of jewelry, you still have one more week before the chance is gone.

We will continue to update our website regularly and we will have more promotions and coupons available in the future, but 25% off everything will be the best we can offer for a long time, so take advantage of this final chance to get a great deal!

If you want to get this coupon and can’t find it, look in the top right of your page for the blue button. As always you can call us with questions at 732-0185 or email us at