Our Christmas Coupon

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Merry Christmas from Silver City!

Everyone knows Christmas is a special time of year, and we are celebrating it with a new 25% off jewelry coupon! Available until December 25th, use this coupon to get 25% off any jewelry piece in our store.

Now we know that in today’s world 25% off might not sound that exciting, but 25% off our already low prices results in a deal that you can not get anywhere else. We’ve explained in previous posts that, unlike other stores, we don’t price our pieces outrageously high just so they can be discounted in the future.

With 25% off applied, most of our pieces will cost less then 60% of their appraised value!

So for any of you last minute shoppers still looking for a gift that will really make you a Christmas hero, sign up your email today in the popup or in the special offers tab to get the 25% off coupon in your email.


25% off Gold and Silver Chains Coupon!

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Everyone knows that men like thick chains. This Father’s Day maybe its a good opportunity to surprise him with something special, something that he he will truly appreciate. On that note, we’re happy to announce our Father’s Day coupon for 2016, good until June 19th. Click the special offers tab in the top right of the page to sign up for a coupon good for 25% off the retail price of gold and silver chains. We have many sizes, lengths, and styles in stock, all brand new, solid, and quality made!

And even if this coupon is inspired by Father’s day, it doesn’t mean that you have to use this coupon for a Father’s day present. Anyone can appreciate a nice chain, whether its for a husband, wife, graduation gift, or just to reward yourself. With our already low prices on chains, this is a great opportunity so don’t let it pass you by!

Again, if you want this coupon look in the top right of your page for the blue special offers button. As always you can call us with questions at 732-0185 or email us at

Mother’s Day Coupon

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We are proud to unveil our Mother’s Day coupon. If you are like many of us at Silver City, then you have more then one woman whom you are shopping for this Mother’s Day. With this in mind, our newest coupon will give you a gift certificate for 10% of the total of any purchases over $100. This coupon is valid with other discounts, but the gift certificate must be used on a separate transaction.

Buy a piece for your wife and use the Gift Certificate toward a present for your mother, or you can give the Gift Certificate as a gift by itself. Our goal was to make it easier to shop for more then one person, if you choose to shop with us for Mother’s Day.

If you want to get this coupon and can’t find it, look in the top right of your page for the blue special offers button. As always you can call us with questions at 732-0185 or email us at

25% off Coupon Extended for our Site Launch Celebration!

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After two weeks of sharing our website with you all in store and on the web, the feedback we’ve received has been so kind that we decided to give everyone one more week to use our 25% off coupon!

Its now valid until Saturday April 9th, so if you didn’t make it to us in time to save a few dollars off your repair, or to save a few hundreds of dollars off a piece of jewelry, you still have one more week before the chance is gone.

We will continue to update our website regularly and we will have more promotions and coupons available in the future, but 25% off everything will be the best we can offer for a long time, so take advantage of this final chance to get a great deal!

If you want to get this coupon and can’t find it, look in the top right of your page for the blue button. As always you can call us with questions at 732-0185 or email us at

Celebrate the Launch of our New Website

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Welcome to the our new website! If you haven’t done so already, we recommend you click the blue button that says READ OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU HERE at the top of the home page for a welcome message from us.

At, each week we will be bringing you new jewelry articles and information, special offers and coupons, and pleasant images of pieces from our inventory . For our launch celebration, you can click the special offers tab in our menu at the top of the page to receive a coupon for 25% off any jewelry item or repair job, valid until March 31! After that, new offers will be posted regularly so you can sign up your email to our mailing list or check the site often! Also, you can like us on Facebook or instagram or follow us on twitter for notifications of new specials!

Our sister website,, will be transitioning to our coin and bullion website. With its up to the minute spot price for gold and silver, its a great tool for staying on top of the market. If you wish to visit it, click the link at the top of this paragraph, or the Coins tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.

We’ve worked hard to bring you the best jewelry website around the same way that we work hard every day to be the best jewelry store in central Florida. We hope you will be a regular visitor.