Our Christmas Coupon

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Merry Christmas from Silver City!

Everyone knows Christmas is a special time of year, and we are celebrating it with a new 25% off jewelry coupon! Available until December 25th, use this coupon to get 25% off any jewelry piece in our store.

Now we know that in today’s world 25% off might not sound that exciting, but 25% off our already low prices results in a deal that you can not get anywhere else. We’ve explained¬†in previous posts that,¬†unlike other stores, we don’t price our pieces outrageously high just so they can be discounted in the future.

With 25% off applied, most of our pieces will cost less then 60% of their appraised value!

So for any of you last minute shoppers still looking for a gift that will really make you a Christmas hero, sign up your email today in the popup or in the special offers tab to get the 25% off coupon in your email.