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Mother’s Day Coupon

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We are proud to unveil our Mother’s Day coupon. If you are like many of us at Silver City, then you have more then one woman whom you are shopping for this Mother’s Day. With this in mind, our newest coupon will give you a gift certificate for 10% of the total of any purchases over $100. This coupon is valid with other discounts, but the gift certificate must be used on a separate transaction.

Buy a pieceĀ for your wife and use the Gift Certificate toward a presentĀ for your mother, or you can give the Gift Certificate as a gift by itself. Our goal was to make it easier to shop for more then one person, if you choose to shop with us for Mother’s Day.

If you want to get this coupon and can’t find it, look in the top right of your page for the blue special offers button. As always you can call us with questions at 732-0185 or email us at