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Don’t fall for deceptively large discounts in jewelry

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It’s not uncommon to see 75% off or 80% off of a jewelry item in department stores, or certain jewelry stores- Is this really a good deal? Many of the times we see people pay far too much for a piece, it was because a dishonest store told them it was extremely marked down. Let Silver City jewelers explain why this happens and why those huge percent off “deals” are actually just a dishonest sales technique!

When a jewelry manufacturer sells pieces to a store, they sell it for a certain cost and usually suggest a retail price, starting at 2 times that value. For instance, a manufacturer may sell a gold wedding band to a store for $50.00, the store pays the manufacturer that $50.00 and then tries to sell the wedding band to their customers for $100.00. That is the normal behavior of retail stores. However, in order to entice customers into thinking they are getting a much better deal, there is a shady practice of putting a much larger price on the pieces sticker and then saying that its been discounted by a huge percent. The store can take the wedding band that they paid $50.00 for, put a price tag on it of 300$, and then say they are selling it for 66% off, at $100.00. When that happens and the customer buys it for $100.00 because they think they got a special deal, they really paid the full retail price. Worse then that, what happens more often is that a company will take a $50.00 ring, put a price sticker on it of $600.00 and then say they are selling it for 66% off, at $200.00. A customer who buys that ring thinks they saved 66% when they really paid much more then they should have.

As you can see, its easy for companies to put an extremely unfair sticker price on a piece just so they can say they are selling it at a huge discount. Don’t fall for it! Companies all over the world are trying to trick customers into thinking they are getting a much better deal then they really are by putting big %off signs on their jewelry while selling the pieces for as much or more then honest stores.

Of course for someone who isn’t a trained jeweler, it can be very difficult to understand what a retail price on a piece should be. Our advice is to look at the bottomline of the actual price they are charging for the piece, and ignore any discounts or % off signs. On top of that, we advise typically avoiding shopping at stores who advertise huge % off discounts because they likely have huge unfair prices on all of their pieces and the ones without discounts may still be priced at 5 to 10 times higher then what an honest store would charge.

We hope you enjoyed this informative article! If you liked it let us know, and keep an eye out for more like this in the future.

Why Shop at Silver City?

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Call us old fashioned, but we believe that the key to success is doing the best job we can for our customers: quality jewelry, superior service, and honest pricing. We offer the best value whether you are looking for a large diamond or a simple watch battery.

We offer real quality and service-

At Silver City we hand choose the jewelry pieces we carry with the highest quality standards. We only sell pieces that are built to last, using solid metal and secure settings. We also promise to only sell pieces that we can service ourselves, whether cleaning or repairing.

Trained and Educated at the highest levels-

At Silver City we have over 100 years of combined jewelry experience and three GIA educated employees. Our master jeweler has been working with jewelry for 50 years and has worked for several of the largest jewelry companies in the world including national department stores and global internet retailers.

We will compete to give you a better price then anyone, even internet retailers-

At Silver City we want to give you a better deal then you can get anywhere else, including the large internet jewelry retailers. We offer our customers a way to buy local without having to pay extra.

A Local Business, Part of the Community-

Silver City has been in business for nearly 40 years, operating in Ocala where each of our employees was raised and educated. We are neighbors, friends, classmates and relatives. We want to be people you are proud of and a business that you recommend.

Thank you for reading, call us anytime at (352) 732-0185 or Email us at

What Can Silver City Do For You?

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We’re Silver City, the best place to buy jewelry in Ocala. What can we do for you?

Brand New Designer Jewelry- Ocala’s Largest Jewelry Showroom

We sell gold, silver, and platinum jewelry hand chosen by our expert professionals. We have it all: rings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, and earrings. We also have a large inventory of Diamonds and two GIA Diamonds Graduates on staff.

We do watches! Battery replacement and Band adjustments for only ten dollars!

Thats right, we are Ocala’s best place to get a watch battery replaced, your band sized, or nearly any other watch repair. We are also authorized Citizen and Seiko dealers with a wide selection of brand new watch models. We have a large selection of estate Rolex watches, freshly refurbished by our master jeweler and watchmaker.

Expert Jewelry repair- Service thats hard to find anymore.

We can size rings, replace stones, repair prongs, solder back chains, and repair almost any piece of jewelry made of gold, silver, or platinum. Most of our repairs are finished in 24 hours or less for a price that you can afford.

We sell unique estate jewelry and we make custom pieces!

For the customer who appreciates handcrafted pieces, give us your design and we can make it ourselves. Or for those who wish to own a piece of history and culture, we have turquoise Indian jewelry, squash-blossom necklaces, hand carved cameos, and other many other beautiful relics of a bygone era.

We also buy and trade gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.

Bring in your pieces and we will quickly give you a free offer with absolutely no obligation. Turn your old unused jewelry into money for something you want!

We are the largest coin and bullion dealer in Central Florida.

For more information on coins or bullion visit our sister website or click the coins tab in the menus bar.

Have questions? Call us today at(352) 732-0185 or Email us at

Identifying Quality Jewelry

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Quality jewelry is jewelry that lasts, that looks good throughout the years, and that doesn’t fall apart when you wear it every day. With so many jewelry products available to buy, how can a normal person know which ones are quality? Fortunately, even if you aren’t a gemologist, there are many easy ways to tell if a piece is worth your money.

Don’t trust the mall, the TV, or places you visit on a cruise to sell quality jewelry!

Most major “rip-offs” in jewelry come from two places, mall chains and TV sales channels; with cruise ships easily being third. The majority of pieces that they sell are either grossly overpriced, easy to break and virtually unrepairable, or not what they claim to be.

Stay away from hollow!

Some retailers sell pieces that are comprised of hollowed out metal. This is a dishonest way for places to make it seem like they are charging less for the same product. While it saves cost in metal weight, hollow pieces are extremely easy to break and very difficult or impossible to repair. Hollow chains and bracelets might cost half of what the same size piece would cost, but will likely fall apart before a year passes. At Silver City we carry only solid pieces that should last you a lifetime.

Plating never lasts!

There are many examples of pieces being plated in the jewelry industry. Gold plated silver is sold as a cheaper alternative to yellow gold. Sterling silver is sold with rhodium plating that makes it look whiter then sterling’s natural color. Some white or yellow gold pieces are sold with plating in areas that show designs or make it look fancy with two colors. All plating will come off quickly and is impossible or extremely cost inefficient to redo.

Be wary of tiny diamonds!

Many popular styles of jewelry include lots of tiny diamonds in a large cluster. This allows retailers to claim that the piece has a high total carat weight while saving themselves cost. Often these stones are supported by very little and will fall out constantly with wear. Even if you like the cluster style, buying a piece with fewer, larger diamonds will normally result in a piece that stays together better.

Magic/illusion set rings are big trouble!

Magic or illusion set rings are where manufacturers set many smaller stones together to make it appear like one larger stone. These stones put together with each other like a jigsaw puzzle and can easily fall out. If one of the stones does fall out, the ring can be entirely ruined with no way to repair it. At Silver City we refuse to sell magic set rings and advise people to never buy them.

At Silver City we only sell pieces that meet our high quality standard!

With over 150 years of combined jewelry experience, we only sell pieces that know are well made and that we are confident will last. Come see our selection today!