Topaz for thanksgiving.

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Topaz reminds us of a warm Thanksgiving dinner table. 

Until the final turkey leaves the table, this month is about Thanksgiving- a house full of family, your favorite relative’s pumpkin pie, and remembering the things we cherish in life. Unfortunately, it’s often the tragic moments during the year that makes us really appreciate the things we still have. This year has seen much tragedy in the world, natural disasters locally, and a few health scares in our own Silver City family; but all of this reminds us how blessed we are for the things we have. We hope this November finds you feeling the same.

November’s birthstone(s) are traditionally those of the brown/orange/yellow shades, and we often hear people born in November lament that topaz and citrine aren’t very pretty. Our goal for this month’s featured piece was to make a precious topaz that shows November babies that their birthstone is equally lovely to any other month. We believe we hit that mark, and we hope you agree!  You can find more about the newest featured piece, a white gold and golden topaz ring with diamond accents, at this link.  It is featured in our ad for this month’s Ocala Magazine, and it is 25% off until the next featured piece comes out in December. But remember, we only have one so if you are interested then don’t delay!

Topaz is actually one of the most important stones in our culture, a possible birthstone for two months, and available in nearly ever color and price point. If you would like to know more about Topaz, then you can find our newest gemstone fact page here.

We truly thank you for visiting us here at silver city jewelers, Ocala’s largest jewelry store. We hope you have a great thanksgiving and don’t forget to check back for more information, products, and deals!

We will be closed for Black Friday, Here’s a citrine to celebrate Thanksgiving!

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In a lot of places it’s starting to feel like Thanksgiving is becoming nothing more then Black Friday Eve. At Silver City, we always try to recognize that the most important things in life are family and friends, and so this year we will be closing from Thanksgiving through the weekend.