June’s Featured Piece and Alexandrite Fact Page

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Happy June Ocala!

This month’s birthstones are alexandrite and pearl. We are celebrating this with our newest featured piece for June, a created alexandrite pendant set in a platinum bezel setting. Alexandrite is a rare color changing stone that changes from greenish-blue to purplish-red based on the light its exposed to. You can find the product page for our piece here, which is also featured in our ad in this month’s Ocala magazine. It’s 25% off until next month, but we only have one.

If you just like gemstones and would like to find out more about alexandrite, then you can find its information page here.

Have a great month! Don’t forget to check back with us, Ocala’s jewelry experts, for more information, products, and deals!

June’s Birthstone is Pearl

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Classic and sophisticated, pearls are a nice addition to any jewelry box. Pearls come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and are strung on necklaces or set in all types of jewelry. If you are shopping for pearls, we have many pieces you might like at Silver City.